Remembering old Madeira wine labels

Old Madeira wine labels

This page is a collection of wine labels I have curated on my travels.

Listrao Branco
Listrao Branco. A very rare wine produced by Artur De Barros e Sousa, now no longer operating. The company is now part of its neighbor D’Oliveira.
Cossarts Bual 15 year old label, duo centenary collection of this famous old firm
Borges old label
A Borges old label from a wonderful company still producing excellent wines
Borges famous oxen label
Borges famous oxen label, a delightful label in my view for the J.H. Goncalves brand
Borges Henriques label
Borges Henriques label
Blandy’s rainwater (old label). A rather stylish label I feel
Miles Sercial label.Miles wines are still bottled, but with very different labels today
Leacock’s old logo. That is a a label
Madeira label from long ago
Madeira label from long ago, about which I know very little
Old Verdelho label from Justino Henriques
Malmsey, Madeira wine label under the “Good Company” strap line from Cossart and Gordon
Cossart Rainwater Madeira old label for the US market, under the Thirteen colonies sobriquet.
Blandy’s old label Bual, under the Duke of Cumberland sobriquet
Borges seco Madeira label
Borges seco Madeira label
Solera wine label. A modern label for an old wine.
Sercial 1910
Sercial 1910
Baros label
Barros e Sousa label offering 1000 euros reward if their wine is not produced using the canteiro process