Sketches and pictures of old Funchal

Here are some of the pictures I have taken of sketches, pictures and tile fresco of old Funchal I have come across and photographed.

Madeira and Funchal have inspired artists and photographers and is indeed a super island to explore camera in hand.

Moody Funchal, my favorite sketch



Tile Fresco
A tile fresco of Funchal beach
A view of Funchal
A view of Funchal from Reid’s Hotel
Visit Reid's poster
A 1950s I guess poster for Reid’s hotel, calling Madeira the island of eternal spring.


a Sketch of Funchal
A lovely sketch of Funchal roof tops
Madeiran picnic with old Funchal in the background
Flower sellers of Madeira many years ago
An island view of Madeira from the south
Barrels for sea transport
A montage of how wine was made in Madeira in years gone by.
A bright fresco showing a boat coming ashore or perhaps trying to depart
The band arriving