Bual Madeira wine grape

Bual Madeira wine grape

Bual: (or Boal as it is also called), is found mostly on the south of the island, in the areas of Camapanário and Calheta, located at altitudes ranging between 100m and 300m. This varietal matures early on and produces light copper-coloured medium sweet wines that are medium bodied, round, rich in spice and dried fruit notes.


Bual grapes
Bual grapes growing in Madeira (Blandy’s)

Bual or Boal is a dark and fragrant wine, which is sweet to the taste without being cloying, as it has good balancing acidity.

If the richness and sweetness of Malmsey is not tempting, then this is an excellent choice for a dessert wine…..Luscious -like opening the sweetie tin

With Bual we are moving towards what Madeiran wines have been so famous for; a rich rounded smooth sweet and mellow taste. Different Buals exhibit different characteristics.

Bual tasters have identified vanilla raisin and other dried fruits as well as butterscotch.

Image courtesy of Blandy,s (Madeira Wine Company)

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