Barbeito Madeira wine innovators

Barbeito: the innovators.

Barbeito the innovators. The first image is of a rich Frasqueira Malvasia  produced exclusively from the Malvasia Candida grape as a single varietal that does not include any Malvasia-de-São-Jorge, which is the more popular grape used for Malmsey Madeira. The Tinta negra Ribeiro Real range refers to vineyards on the south of the island in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos that are about 200 metres above sea level. For the Sercial vineyards from the Jardim da Serra are used to provide the grapes. We see a 50 year old Bastardo Avô Mário, named after Mário Barbeito. The wine offers, according the the wine maker a hint of wood that blends with exotic spice and layers of butterscotch and passion fruit along with crystallized fruit cake along with a touch of nutmeg.
Best enjoyed with rich fruit cake or as digestive. Only 550 bottles were made available. The 2005 wine is a Malvasia Colheita.