Colombo Madeiran table wines

Colombo Madeiran table wines

Colombo Madeiran table wines are classified as IGP Terras Madeiranses wines and are available as red and white wines.

Colombo back label

Colombo Madeiran table wines are produced by Justino’s, who are one of Madeira’s largest and reputable wine producers who offer both the Colombo table wines and their more famous Madeira wines.

Colombo red or Tinta is made from a blend of Touriga Nacional, – usually about 40%, Complexa and the ubiquitous Tinta Negra. The result is a pleasant rustic red which is ideal with strong cheeses and cooked and well cured meats and rich game dishes.

Colombo white – Branco is made from Arnsburger and Verdelho exclusively. Earlier iterations were pure Arnsburger. The Verdelho led wine produces a fresh quite light easy-going wine. Colombo white is almost perfectly designed for the casual glass as the sun goes down as an aperitif.

These wines are found in many retailers on the island, but less so in restaurants where wines from mainland Portugal still tend to dominate wine lists.

Colombo Verdelho White
Colombo Verdelho White, looking very stylish indeed.




















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