Bastardo Madeira wine bottlings from Barbeito

Bastardo Madeira wine bottlings

Barbeito Bastardo Duas Pipas

Bastardo Reserva
Barbeito Bastardo Reserva Duas Pipas medium dry Madeira wine

Bastardo is again available as a new wine courtesy of Barbeito.

The rarest of grapes with tiny production have yielded a small number of bottles under the “Duas Pipas” rubric reflecting that this bottling is a blend from two casks producing just 1700 bottles.

The wine, released in August 2019 has a blend of wines from the 2010 and 2012 harvests.

You can read what the winemaker Ricardo Diogo V. Freitas says on the back of the label of this innovative and exciting wine that is making a wonderful and welcome return from near extinction.

Do not expect to see large volumes as this is a grape that is difficult to grow.



Barbeito Bastardo back label
The back label of the 2019 bottling tells the story of this grape coming back from extinction by winemaker Ricardo Diogo V Freitas.

Bastardo Três Pipas

Bastardo Tres Pipas Reserva Velha Madeira wine
Bastardo Tres Pipas Reserva Velha Madeira wine

More excitement as Barbeito have gone on to launch Barbeito Bastardo Três Pipas Reserva Velha, a medium dry style. Barbeito tells us that the Bastardo vines were replanted in 2004 and have been harvested since 2007. The vines are grown in São Jorge in the north of Madeira by Teófilo Cunha.

This wine makes an excellent aperitif or as an accompaniment to fish having ripe citrus notes. Only 2139 bottles have been produced.

Bastardo quatro pipas

Barbeito quatro pipas Bastardo Madeira wine
Barbeito quatro pipas Bastardo Madeira wine

1n 2021 2184 bottles of Barbeito Bastardo Quatro Pipas were produced. This wine was served at the Galaxia restaurant to accompany dessert. It was a stupendous wine.

Bastardo has a rich history as a wine but has been produced in very small quantities for many years, some years under 100 litres were produced and in other years absolutely none was produced.

This wine is from Barbeito in Camera de Lobos and you can read about the winemaker himself.