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Justino was founded in 1870 and now believed to be the largest shipper of Madeira wine. The French market is the main destination of Justino’s Cruz Label wines, through the relationship with French beverage giant La Martiniquaise, who own the company. A significant amount of the wine is exported as “Cooking Wine”, which is with added salt and pepper to modify its taste. This goes towards the culinary delight that is Sauce Madere.

The company has a modern facility producing 1.5 million litres of wine per year which is in Canico. This facility opened in 1995, and was partially funded by EU Structural funds

Justino’s younger wines are all made with Tinta Negra, but its 10 year old wines are produced from the 4 mainstream noble grapes, Sercial, Verdelho, Bual and Malvasia – Malmsey. These vintage wines are produced using the Canteiro method of maturation.


Justino’s produces wines for a variety of labels, including the Broadbent label, East India label and Colombo table wine.

The Colombo table wines are increasing in quality year by year and the Verdelho is excellent, smooth and elegant when lightly chilled. Justino is one of the few traditional wine producers who have entered the table wine market.

Justino’s traditional and vintage Madeira wines and table wines are popular in Madeira and can be found in many retailers and of course tasted at the Madeira wine festival.