Interesting old bottles of Madeira

Misshapen old Madeira wines

This page is dedicated to interesting old bottles of Madeira I have come across in shops or on web sites.

This is a collection of images from posterity and in no way can I claim to have tasted them or indeed recommend them. Old Madeira wines are not my area of expertise.

Judging by the bottles these wines are unique and not that expensive either.

Many of the pictures come from Garrafeira Nacional which is a treasure trove in Lisbon for the old, the interesting and down right unique. They have a good website as well.

Whisky Exchange also often presents an interesting Madeira wine or two.

So here are some interesting images to enjoy and wonder what the wine must actually taste like. The good new is Alex Liddell in his book interesting book Madeira the Mid- Atlantic wine has some good tasting notes on old Madeira wines……but certainly not these misshapen ones pictured below, ones with much greater provenance.