Vineyards of Madeira

Justino’s have produced a set of pictures taking a tour of the vineyards of Madeira.


Vineyards by the sea

Here we see vineyards right on the shoreline






Vineyards on the hilside

This picture shows vineyards on the slopes of Madeira



Trellised Vinehards

Here the vines are just coming into leaf and the elaborate trellises can be seen clearly


Levadas irrigation channels

Much of Madeira is irrigated by levadas, man made irrigation channels that hug the contours of the hillsides and irrigate the vineyards and farmland. Many are walkable as well.


This picture shows the rocky landscape that makes much of Madeira and is suitable for vineyards

laying out a terraced vineyard

The land is being prepared by creating terraces to grow vines in Madeira

Training the vines

The vines are trained to grow on the trellis or Letadas as they are known.



The wine harvest

Today modern boxes are used to collect the picked grapes


The grapes have been harvested

The harvested grapes are ready to be transported to the Justino winery

It is not easy to visit the Justino’s winery as it is some distance from Funchal, but their wines are widely available in Funchal and Perhola retailer in Funchal has an excellent range of Justino’s wines to try and buy.

Justino’s are the largest producer of Madeira wines and make a superb 10 year old Sercial which is a firm favorite of mine. They also produce excellent table wines under the Colombo label.

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Funchal wine shop Perola


Justino vintages

Perola Madeira wine shop, Funchal, Madeira

Justino Madeira wines on sale