HM Borges Sercial 1984

Well this is not an Orwellian wine, but a wonderful Sercial Madeira wine from HM Borges.

What makes this wine special is firstly the grapes were harvested at about 800 metres above sea level in the  “Jardim da Serra” vineyards, located on the south coast of the island and secondly the skill of the HM Borges wine maker Ivo Couto in nursing this wine to this peak of excellence. One cask yielding 769 bottles.

This wine is noted for exceptional acidity and an exuberant complexity which gives it a wonderful character. It is a fine example of a Sercial Madeira wine.

It was aged in “Canteiro Process”, in a single oak cask for 34 years in the cellars of HM Borges’ wine lodge in central Funchal.

1984 Sercial
Borges 1984 Sercial