Madeira Wine Festival 2017

Madeira wine festival 2017

The annual Madeira wine festival in 2017 begins on August 27th and lasts till September 10th.

This is my favourite time to be on the island with downtown Funchal buzzing with a fun party atmosphere as many of Madeira’s wine growers present their wines for tasting.

You will find both the famous traditional wines and the ever improving table wines on show at the booths. Food, dancing and wine making artefacts all come together with visitors and residents to create several fun filled evenings.

The 2015 festival was great with the addition of food and wine pairing.

You can read the programme of events  and plan your activities visiting different parts of the island to take part in the celebrations. Keep an eye on the official wine festival site as well for more information.

There is a nice video from 2013 of the wine festival to watch and the 2016 festival poster.


Madeira wine festival 2016 poster
Madeira wine festival 2016 poster