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83 Rua 31 de Janeiro


Borges is a Funchal based, long established and highly regarded producer of Madeira wines, with a stylish set of labels and bottles. It has the distinction of being the first Madeira wine I bought and brought home to the UK in the late 1980’s, and I still have the twee wicker covered bottle to this day, sadly it is empty.

Borges wines are widely available, and often bottled under a number of different labels.

The Borges wine lodge is in central Funchal and well worth visiting with its friendly tasting room with some wonderful atmospheric wall paintings that really do merit a visit to this interesting and friendly Madeira wine producer. It is possible to sneak a peek at the actual winery which is at the back of the building.



They also offers some great fresh fruity and full on Colheita wines that are in a handy 50cl size and offer fabulous value for money.

Borges Colheita 1995
Borges Colheita 1995

The Made in Madeira theme of shops and bars appears to be promoting the Borges brand of Madeira. The Made in Madeira shop close to the Dolce Vita shopping centre in Funchal (Rue Serpa Pinto no 27) has a nice display of these stylishly packaged wines, along with some great tee-shirts!